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"A good meal is not just a good meal. It is an experience, like a dream that deeply touches our emotions and involves all of our senses, stimulating them one by one and leaving us with clear memories."

Augusto Tombolato Augusto Tombolato

Augusto Tombolato, born in 1960 in province of Varese, in the north of Italy, became the Executive Chef of PanEVO Restaurant 10 years ago, after having gained a wide experience in Italy and abroad. He is the last one of four brothers and he grew up in a rustic reality, a farmer family, where he was taught solid values: solidarity, commitment and love towards earth and its fruits. The inebriating scent of the codfish cooked with homemade polenta during the Saturdays spent with his family, the taste of fresh squeezed milk, the evenings spent with his brothers and friends eating freshly baked bread and tomatoes under the shadow of the grapevines are all still vivid and precious memories to him.

Augusto is a unique Chef thanks to his deep knowledge of the products: from the seeding, through the harvest to their preparation as delightful meals.  He explains, for example, that tomatoes can reach the very best ripening only between the end of July and the beginning of August after having taken the right amount of sun that makes them juicy and tasty.

The Chef talks about himself as a boy who loved and loves to be committed with the simplest activities: water the vegetables, dry beans under the sun, harvest carrots risking a reproach from his father if the carrots were still unripe.

Looking at his mother while she was creating tasteful traditional dishes, Augusto started to discover his love for cooking: at the age of 10 he was already able to prepare tasty dishes for the entire family. Everyone loved his omelettes and his vegetable soups and starting from these simple dishes he then decided to experiment with different recipes: he learned how to kneading flour, eggs and water to create homemade Pasta Fresca in all its delicious variants, tagliatelle, ravioli and lasagne which today are his strong suite.

Although he was the youngest child, he always felt to be his father’s right-hand man, sharing the same passion for the ground, Nature and what it can offer.

He started his brilliant career in 1975 as commis de cuisine for Costa Cruises during summer while he was still studying at Varese Hospitality School. After the graduation he began to work for the highest-level restaurants, such as Locanda Cipriani and Harry's Bar in Venice, and for the most famous and prestigious hotel restaurants like The Gritti Palace in Venice and the Principe di Savoia in Milan. Then, he enriched his knowledge with several experiences abroad in Japan, Kenya, Korea, Russia, Dubai where he learnt the local cuisine bases. The true essence of Tombolato's cuisine is the Mediterranean tradition, with its balance of flavors and a selection of the freshest ingredients from the market.

Augusto had a simple life, genuine and full of love, the kind of love he saw in his father's dedication to the land and his mother to the kitchen, that kind of love that today you can feel in his dishes and that he brings to the guests of the PanEVO restaurant.

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