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  • Spaghetti and mussels
PanEVO Restaurant - Milan
​Cocktails open-air​
​Cocktails open-air​

This summer Terrazza PanEVO turns into the place-to-be for after work gatherings or for a drink with friends before dinner. Savor our new signature cocktails, blending the mastery of mixology with sustainability, paying homage to a mythological narrative inspired by Gaea - Mother Earth - and her 5 children, the Titans, to whom elements of nature and the life cycle are associated. For each drink, crafted with fresh, local ingredients to ensure a unique and nature-respecting experience, we suggest a pairing with a selection of our Chef's finest bites.​

Discover our signature drinks: Menu​

Every night from 7:00 PM.​

Book now: 331.8882279 |


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Explore the excitement that awaits you at PanEVO Restaurant, where every day promises an adventure-filled experience. ​

Dive into a world of entertainment, featuring everything from live music shows to culinary delights. Whether you're a food enthusiast eager to indulge in gourmet creations or a lover of live performances seeking captivating experiences, our lineup has something for everyone to enjoy.  ​

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